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$$Claim 5 satoshi every minute$$ - Details

$$Claim 5 satoshi every minute$$ (claimfreebtc.org) started using FaucetPay to send payments 89 days ago. It has paid about $0.3523 USD past 24 hours, of which $0.0000 was paid past hour. The most recent payment we detected was made about 295 minutes ago.

NameCoinLast paymentBalancePaid (1h)Paid (24h)CreatedLink
1$$Claim 5 satoshi every minute$$
minutes ago
0.00000000 BTC
0.00000000 BTC
0.00000638 BTC
days ago
On FaucetPay since:August 29, 2021
Active users:207
Owner's username:Claimfreebtc
Other faucets by the same owner:none found
Approximate total amount paid
past hour:$0.00 USD
past 24 hours:$0.35 USD
past week:$2.00 USD

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